Help arrives whenever it is needed. So this time, too! With the support of “Husse food Banja Luka”, food was provided for the most endangered members that we currently have in our care.

Husse is a Swedish brand of Super Premium dog and cat food that operates in our market through associates in Banja Luka and Sarajevo and throughout BiH with free delivery and advice on how to provide the best food choice for pets.

In Husse, they hope that with this gesture, they have helped the newly rescued animals from the street, and they’re inviting others to get involved in helping in the increasingly cold weather to provide help when it is most needed.

Source: Husse

You can find out more about Husse and why the vision of a healthy lifestyle for animals is essential through the official website for BiH https://bih.husse.com/ or through the regional distributor for Banja Luka – https://hussehrana.com/

WagWag and Husse, at this moment, invite others to join in helping stray animals, and they are sending a plea: any help is welcome.

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12 Mar, 2023

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