Did you know that there are over 200 million stray dogs worldwide? Do you know that the Netherlands is the only European country that has managed to deal with this problem? Read below how the Dutch solved this global problem of stray dogs.

They solved their problem with the Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Chip-Return method. Thanks to that, in 2016, they became the first country in the world to deprive stray animals of loneliness and the terror that life on the streets brings.

Two centuries ago, the situation was utterly opposite to today. Then, almost every family in the country had a dog because it was a status symbol at the time. But unfortunately, many dogs had rabies, so people started throwing them out on the street. As a result, the streets have become full of wanderers of various breeds. For that reason, they decided to deal with this problem and began to organize sterilization days, the costs of which are fully covered by the country.

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Each dog also received a veterinary examination and treatment if necessary. In addition, the country has decided to raise taxes on dog breeders, so adoption has become a better option due to the high prices of purebred dogs. They have also tightened the laws, so people can end up in prison for up to three years and pay a $ 16,000 fine for neglecting and abusing dogs.

To raise awareness about stray dogs, the country launched a campaign in which people had the opportunity to care for stray puppies for a few days, and by the end of the campaign, 90% of those puppies had been adopted forever. Thanks to all that, the dogs were given homes, and they were allowed access to most shops, restaurants and cafes. The Netherlands is truly a country whose example should be followed by all other countries in the world.

12 Mar, 2023

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