O projektu

The humanitarian actions that take place as part of the WagWag campaign are primarily held to raise funds for the treatment of stray animals. In addition, the idea of this project was created with the aim of cooperation with pet-friendly companies and with the idea of introducing the public to how much of a difference only one company can make in the care of animals, especially an entirely regulated system. Helping stray animals is a goal that individuals or entire organizations can achieve in many ways.


Every new project, especially this one, requires significant logistical and volunteer support and excellent communication between the organizers and all the people who want to participate. From the first moment, it is essential to convey a striking and clear message that will attract organizations and companies to help. Nowadays, reaching people who are generally not in the volunteer community is very difficult, and this is recognized as a big problem. The community of volunteers is sometimes very closed, and even people who are animal lovers and owners are often not sufficiently informed about the problem that the associations are struggling with. That is why it isn’t easy to draw the public’s attention to the actual costs of rescuing animals and how much effort is required in the process, from rescuing to adopting an animal.


To develop awareness and get the word out about these problems, WagWag proposed implementing cooperation with five friendly and socially conscious companies. UG WagWag has at its disposal many volunteers from numerous professional fields and spheres, and such a team represents an excellent start to any project planning. The association already has an excellent and positive background in organizing educational, humanitarian and projects of various characters, and this is how this action is approached. From the first day, it is necessary to carry out a very clear communication that will explain to all participants the whole idea and benefits of the action and how many animals can be saved with just a little understanding and help.


Funds collected through the sale of recycling cartons are used for sterilising stray cats in Banja Luka. Part is also intended to cover veterinary costs and the treatment of stray animals needing urgent veterinary assistance. Although it is “only” about collecting cardboard, this project shows the seriousness of the association, which will do everything to help those who need help. This way, the awareness of stray animals will be raised, the public will be informed through social networks, television, internet portals and other media, and ultimately, the money needed for treatment and covering veterinary costs will be collected.


Dodatne vrijednosti

This type of action awakens innovative ways of thinking in people and moves them to take action. The project and its announcements are also of great interest on social networks, where tens of thousands of people see the idea of the project and all the participants every moment. The humanity behind such a project helps to recognize all participants and WagWag as a brand that represents humanity, innovative ideas, proactivity and help to the entire community.

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