O projektu

Educating young people about stray animals and caring for the environment involves educating children, students and young people about the problem of stray animals, along with presenting the basic issues and ways to behave towards animals properly and, therefore, the environment.


In the entire region, there is a problem of systematic neglect of quality and creative-educational workshops focused on the issue of stray animals, which is reflected in many problems in the environment as well. The idea of the project is to educate children and young people in cities that are recognized as places that face the problem of a large number of strays. Although the majority of the population accepts them, these animals reproduce uncontrollably and do not even have the basic conditions for life.


It is necessary to start solving the problem of stray animals and irresponsible behaviour towards the environment at the very root. Therefore, adequately presenting the issue to children and elementary school students is essential. Along with simple presentations and creative workshops, it is necessary to present to children the importance of this problem and the ways of proper behaviour and care for stray animals and the environment to develop an awareness of this problem from the earliest years, creating new generations that will approach ownership responsibly, without throwing animals onto the street.


Among the results of the project are the facts that the city without strays is safer, cleaner, without unpleasant smells, without the chance of animals attacking each other and creates a better image of the city in the eyes of the community. In this example, citizens are taught to respect the laws, preventing traffic accidents and animal suffering. Furthermore, each student who undergoes education and sterilizes their animal in this way directly prevents the appearance of up to 5000 animals, as many as one cat and its offspring can have in a cycle of 7 years.

Dodatne vrijednosti

Creating and realising projects of a humane character often awaken additional motivation in the community and spread a strong message to society that they are the foundation, beginning and solution of any positive change that will contribute to the development of the environment. In addition, younger generations will approach the problem of stray animals with greater responsibility in the future and will be more inclined to sterilize the animal.

Šipovo 2022.