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The entire commercial pet food industry has a very bad impact on the entire planet. This workshop will show what these factors are, how to influence their reduction and what are the advantages of producing homemade food for our pets.


97% of respondents to a survey conducted on over 1,500 people confirmed that users recognize the problem of improper treatment of animals and that they are ready to use new technologies and ways to improve the lives of their pets and stray animals. The issue of stray animals is intertwined with the problem of irresponsible ownership, and it is necessary to approach it from different aspects. One of them is the presentation of responsible ownership and raising awareness of the world around us through planning meals for animals. In addition to the significant impact it has on our planet (hyperproduction, energy and water consumption, packaging, transportation), commercial animal feed contains additives and preservatives that affect the balance in the stomach. If a pet has vomiting, diarrhoea, fatigue or obesity problems, the cause may be unhealthy food.


The workshop aims to draw attention to the problem of irregular, superficial and irresponsible attitudes toward the animals around us from an unconventional perspective of animal nutrition. Creating educational materials, presentations, leaflets and “cookbooks” with recipes and online video recipes will spread awareness about preparing and cooking pet food at home. In this way, additional pollution of the environment and excessive use of packaging that ends up in the trash will be prevented, and the animals will always have food prepared from local and fresh ingredients that will be fully utilized without wasting food. It is significant that through all education, in addition to the importance of food and cooking for pets, information also appears about responsible ownership and methods of preventing the problem of stray animals.


Education about making pet food at home spreads awareness of a practice that, especially in these regions, is practised by a small number of people In households, animals are condemned to either purchased food or food scraps. Cooking food at home helps the pet return to its natural balance. Moist food with eliminated unhealthy additives and preservatives and levels of nutrients in homemade food that are much higher than in commercial food affect the healthier development of the pet and reduce the chances of developing diseases, which indirectly reduces the number and costs of visits to the veterinarian.

Dodatne vrijednosti

The most important added value of the workshop is the presentation of responsible ownership and the development of environmental awareness in an innovative way that creates the possibility of approaching this problem to users who may not have perceived it before. The opportunity to participate in the workshop with a pet opens up, accordingly promoting the joint stay of people and animals in catering facilities. There are many advantages to home-made food over store-bought. Ingredients can be controlled, and allergies that cause health problems can be prevented.

Šipovo 2022.