O projektu

It is not in anyone’s interest that there are stray animals in the city. Those who love them don’t want them to be hungry and uncared for, and those who don’t like them are bothered by their very presence. Education about the Trap–Neuter–Return method is the beginning of solving this problem.


Unconscionable ownership and collective neglect of animals contribute to the arrival of new unwanted animals into the world and even to their injury and killing. Street cats and dogs that are a direct result of non-sterilization do not die of old age but of infectious diseases, infected wounds, broken bones and weather conditions. This problem, apart from the animals themselves, affects the animal lovers the most who give part of their money, time and effort to keep this problem at least within the limits in which it currently exists.


It is necessary to organize education that informs citizens about the importance and use of the “Trap-Neuter-Return” method, in which the animal is caught with special attention to reduce its stress and increase its safety. After that, it should be treated by a veterinarian and returned to the street without the possibility of further reproduction. The mentioned method is not only the most humane process of preventing the spread of cats and dogs, but it is also the most effective method during which the individuals are not killed, but their number is reduced at high speed because, in this way, the appearance of up to 5000 animals, as many as one cat and its offspring can have in a cycle of 7 years.


Feeding alone leaves stray animals in a dangerous and uncertain situation. At the same time, it increases the crisis of overpopulation and its tragic consequences – unnecessary suffering and premature death of thousands of animals every year. Raising awareness of this problem will reduce the number of stray animals, as it is expected that more animal owners will sterilize their animals. In addition, easily available online materials and education can bring citizens closer to how many lives can be saved with just one sterilization.

Dodatne vrijednosti

Once the animals from the community in a colony or pack are sterilized, the population will gradually decrease and be healthier and calmer. Educating citizens about the importance of sterilization will raise public awareness of the responsible attitude towards pets and dispel prejudices about sterilization. For example, a sterilized street cat is much calmer and rarely causes conflicts with other cats or dogs. Therefore, it does not cause a lot of noise or unrest and does not mark the area where it resides with its urine.

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