Why donate?

Citizens' association ``WagWag`` is a non-profit organization from Banjaluka that educates about the proper attitude towards stray and owned animals and develops a new social network for all animal lovers. Although the plan is self-sustainability of the entire system, all our activities, projects and care for animals rescued from the streets depend primarily on donations from wonderful people and our volunteers. Therefore, every donation is directed to those animals who need it the most at that moment.


Want to donate from your home?

WagWag offers the possibility of donating in one of the simplest and safest ways with the help of the PayPal platform.

Donations can be sent via the PayPal platform to the email donate@wagwag.club.

Patreon allows selecting the desired donation amount only once, and the platform automatically donates the same amount of money from the user’s account to the association every following month.

Donations can be stopped at any time.


Želite da predate donaciju?

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