Why are educations necessary?

As part of its activities, the Citizens’ Association “WagWag” works intensively on developing new projects with an emphasis on education and workshops that are carried out systematically, primarily in smaller towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The idea is that in this way, primarily through the education of young people, the entire community will become familiar with the responsible and humane attitude towards abandoned and owner-owned animals, which would eventually affect the reduction of the number of stray animals, that is, help solve the problem of a large number of street animals that is widespread throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Emphasis is also placed on workshops that promote the therapeutic and numerous health benefits of including animals in everyday life, work and education, and the presentation of the importance of the relationship between humans and animals and how this affects the entire ecosystem.


Selected locations

WagWag’s goal is to have as much influence as possible on the education of children, who represent the foundation and future of the entire community, with an emphasis on the largest possible number of educations and workshops in rural areas and smaller municipalities because it is recognized that the problem of abandoned animals is most pronounced in those areas.

  • Banja Luka
  • Prijedor
  • Laktaši
  • Mrkonjić
  • Šipovo
  • Jezero