How can citizens help?

The association’s legal team works daily on legal processes to solve systemic irregularities in competent institutions’ work. Still, despite this, it is available at all times to citizens and other associations to provide free legal assistance.

Animals Protection

Every animal has the right to life and protection defined by law. Pets and even wild animals have a law that specifies how to properly, safely and in which situations treat them with the aim of maximum protection and care.

Community Protection

Ako brinemo o životinjama, brinemo i o čitavoj zajednici. Svako mjesto, grad i opština koja ima uređene zakone i brigu prema vlasničkim i napuštenim životinjama značajno odstupa kvalitetom života od društva u kojem vlada anarhija i ulice su preplavljene napuštenim životinjama.

Owner's Protection

Any environment that cares for stray animals lives in a healthier and safer environment, without infectious diseases, ugly pictures and scenes of injured animals that can be found on the streets every day, and this is reflected in the benefits of better mental and physical health.

Report a violation of the law

We appeal to report any law violations, regardless of whether they are individuals or public institutions. We call on all citizens to be the change they want to see and to put pressure on their environment to start implementing the existing legal provisions. Only this way is it possible to improve the community’s attitude towards animals.

  • You can report a violation of the law to the veterinary inspection
  • Federation BiH – 033/563-350
  • Republic of Serbia – 051/334-627