What is WagWag App?

WagWag is a social network designed to improve the lives of animals and educate users on the proper care, protection, and well-being of all pets and strays.

The goal is to create a self-sustainable, innovative, humane, and socially responsible network that will bring together as many companies, pet owners, shelters, veterinarians, volunteers, and associations as part of the project. By founding a human brand, WagWag wants to create a name that companies from all areas will be happy to connect and work with.

WagWag is a new social network created for all animal lovers. WagWag gave us all the information – from the vet’s recommendation, tips for adapting the cat to the apartment, all the way to sterilization.
The main goal of the planned application is to connect all pet owners, animal protection organisations and volunteers with veterinarians, breeders and companies in the pet industry to create a self-sustaining network that will provide conditions for better animal life around the world.

How do we help stray animals?

If you find a stray animal, a short questionnaire within the App will direct you to the most appropriate institution near you, depending on the animal’s condition. After adopting the animal, it is possible to follow its progress through the pet’s profile easily.

How do we help animal shelters?

Shelters will be able to register and describe in detail all their animals which will significantly facilitate their adoption. The App will make it easy to connect with potential adopters and help shelters seek/receive new donations (food, money etc.).

How do we help veterinarians?

Users can easily find and schedule appointments with a veterinarian. The system will show you which ones are nearby and how to contact them most effectively. In addition, the animal profile can be linked to the list of clients of the veterinarian whose services it uses.

How do we help pet owners?

The App provides quick and easy access to the information necessary for your pets’ happy and healthy life. With easy access to vets, other animals and shelters, all pet owners can also use WagWag as a social network for entertainment and share photos of their pets.

How do we help businesses?

The application will provide an opportunity for all animal-oriented companies to advertise their best products and services. In addition, it makes it easy to target customer groups, which will help them progress faster and provide better service to pet owners.

How do we help breeders?

Users can find the perfect partner for their pet with a simple search. Each registered animal will have a detailed profile with all the information you are interested in, such as the family tree or other private things the owner wants to share.

Friends of the project:

Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports; Mozzart d.o.o.; Ministry of Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society; Agora Foundation and Lonac.pro.

  • Safer adoption
  • Educational and fun
  • Useful for the community
  • Easier to find a pet