Situation of the city animal shelter

With its intensive work and daily communication with the residents and volunteers of Banja Luka, our Association has recognized and singled out the critical problems of the city shelter and all related institutions, which, by their inefficiency and ignoring any proposals, deepen the crisis of stray and neglected animals in our region.

WagWag receives a constant and large number of inquiries from volunteers and citizens who are not informed because there is no official site. Encouraged by these challenges, we are working intensively to change the current system to allow anyone who wishes to enter and volunteer at the shelter and can choose an animal to adopt or bring an animal saved from the street.

Inhuman conditions

The shelter does not meet the conditions defined by the regulations for the registration of shelters for animals, nor are the regulations for the work of the hygiene service in the territory of the city of Banjaluka respected.

Forbidden volunteering

The working hours of the shelter do not exist. The dogs are alone behind a locked gate, and volunteers and citizens who want to adopt an animal cannot approach them.

Animals disappearing

There is no record of adopted animals. Also, there is no photographic archive of animals during their reception, stay in the shelter or after adoption.

Become a part of the solution

We invite everyone who has a proposal to improve the situation or have encountered a problem related to city shelter and institutions related to them to contact us, as we offer free legal aid if citizens do not know how to report violations of the Animal Protection and Welfare Act and/or the Rulebook on the establishment and conditions that animal shelters must meet.

  • We fight for humane conditions
  • We fight for the rights of volunteers
  • We fight for the safe homes
  • We are fighting for better conditions in the shelter